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The Ethics of Exercise Pills

3.14.2018 | Sarah Brickman

In his 1932 novel Brave New World, Aldous Huxley described a fictional drug called Soma. In the novel, a soma was something akin to an opiate, which ensured state-mandated happiness in Huxley's cautionary tale against fascist overrule and too much technology. It's the “ideal pleasure drug,” he wrote.

For animals, sleep is both universal and incredibly varied.

Initially developed to prevent heart injury during surgery, recent findings in mice show that the molecule increases the expression of genes that code for proteins involved in oxygen metabolism and running endurance by 44 percent. Other compounds with names like GW501516, GSK4716, and SR9009 appear to confer similar benefits in rodents, while a drug called irisin may induce the burning of stored fat. One candidate drug is AICAR. One study reported that just 10 days of treatment with the drug resulted in significant weight loss in obese mice.

Onlookers described the movement as “awkward” and made jokes about hand size.

Selling Prozac as the Life-Enhancing Cure for Mental Woes

12.23.2018 | Sarah Brickman

When it came to pharmacological solutions to life's despairs, Aldous Huxley was ahead of the curve. In Huxley's 1932 novel about a dystopian future, the Alphas, Betas and others populating his “Brave New World” have at their disposal a drug called soma. A little bit of it chases the blues away: “A gramme”.

More broadly, this retrospective on Prozac introduces a discussion of whether the medical establishment, and perhaps society in general, has gone too far in turning normal conditions, like sadness, into pathologies. And have we paved a path — shades of soma — toward wanton reliance on drugs to enhance life, not to conquer true illness?.

In Huxley’s 1932 novel about a dystopian future, the Alphas, Betas and others populating his “Brave New World” have at their disposal a drug called soma.

SomaBiotix Truth In Advertising

4.15.2018 | Hunter Mercer

This radio ad offers a “free trial” for a supplement called SomaBiotix, which is said to flatten bloated bellies fast. But not so fast. Because TINA.org In addition, the Prilogen bottle (which also carries the “NuBiotix” name) claims the pill can “boost memory function.” Yet the SomaBiotix website concedes that.

Published on July 7th, 2016| by TINA July 7th, 2016.

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It seems the randomly forward their phones. When I try to call the 800 number on the bottles, I get any number of not related business from the 411 information line to a shipping company, to a local UT residence. If anyone can provide me a sure fire way of getting off their mailing list and to stop the auto pays I would be forever grateful!. I’ve been trying to get off their list and stop the monthly auto pays for months now and can’t.

Because TINA.org called the automated 1-800 number and found that the “free” trial actually costs at least $4.98 for shipping and handling fees that are not revealed in the radio ad, and that how much of the product you are actually getting remains a mystery before the company requests credit card information needed to reserve the order.